Main Features

  • No moving parts, long-life and reliable
  • 100% Aluminium construction, Robust, Lightweight and Rust-Free
  • There is a module for every Scenario - PRI, BRI, Hybrid, Analog & GSM
  • Install any Operating System on the same Appliance
  • PCM connector extends your Appliance with an additional beroNet Gateway
  • Remotely manage and monitor connectivity through beroNet Cloud
  • Operational use of under 24W saving €200 per year in electricity
  • Silent & can be placed anywhere in any office
  • GSM ready for Least Cost Routing & Mobile PBX
  • SkypeConnect™ integrates Skype into the PBX installation



The beroNet Telephony Appliance is the ideal platform for customers and technology integrators, looking for a reliable hardware solution, with integrated ISDN, Analog and GSM connectivity.

The beroNet Telephony Appliance’s elegant design delivers superior energy efficient properties and is designed specifically for the rigorous 24/7 uptime demand of modern telephony systems. With a power consumption of less than 24W during normal operation, over 200.- EUR can be saved in electricity costs per year.

With its fanless design and harmonized components the beroNet Telephony Appliance is the suitable solution for all kinds of telephony projects. The beroNet Telephony Appliance is designed for telephony applications in the SOHO and SME markets and is perfectly suited for businesses with up to 60 concurrent calls.

Choose your favorite telephony software. The beroNet Telephony Appliance has been extensively tested with Linux and Windows operating systems and is compatible with all of these software solutions:

Technical Details



  • Intel Atom N2800 2x1,86Ghz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD
  • 4 x external USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Keyboard and Monitor Support
  • Silent system and Fanless design


The beronet Telephony Appliance is available in 3 different versions depending on the channel density and amount of module slots

  • "SBE" Edition for up-to 16 concurrent channels and one module slot for one of the following modules:
    • BF2S02FXS 2 ISDN BRI and 2 analog FXS ports
    • BF4FXO 4 analog FXO ports
    • BF4FXS 4 analog FXS ports
  • "16" and "64" Channel Edition for up-to 16 or 64 concurrent channels with two module slots for up to two of the following modules:
    • BF4S0 4 ISDN BRI ports
    • BF2S02FXS 2 ISDN BRI and 2 analog FXS ports
    • BF1E1 1 ISDN PRI /E1 ports
    • BF2E1 2 ISDN PRI/E1 ports
    • BF4FXO 4 analog FXO ports
    • BF4FXS 4 analog FXS ports
    • BF2GSM 2 GSM ports

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions: 35 x 25,5 x 4,6 cm
  • Mounting: 1U industry with optional 19" Brackets or wallmountable chassis
  • weight: 2 kg (depending on module configuration)
  • Power supply: 110-230V operating 12V DC at 3A


  • Storage Temperature: -20° to 70°C
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C
  • Humidity: 20% - 95%, non-condensing


  • Intel Atom N2800 2x 1,86GHz
  • 2 GB RAM (optional 4 GB)
  • 30 GB SSD (optional 120 GB)
  • 4 x external USB 2.0, Gigabit ethernet port
  • Keyboard and monitor support
  • TDM bridging over 2 beroNet devices through PCM bus interconnection, 8.192 kB/s
  • Built-in beroNet VoIP Card (BF400/BF1600)
  • 2 module slots (Analog, ISDN, GSM, Hybrid)
  • fanless, silent and tough
  • Shipped with bootstick incl. several sample PBX's
  • Power supply: 110-230V operating 12V DC at 3A
  • Compliance: CE (EN55022, EN55024, EN60950)
  • Devices:
    Media Function BNTA16 BNTA64
    G.711 incl. HW EC 16 channels 64 channels
    G.726 incl. HW EC 4 channels 16 channels
    G.729 incl. HW EC 4 channels 16 channels
    G.723 incl. HW EC 4 channels 16 channels
    T.38 4 channels 16 channels
  • Dimensions and Weight:
  • dimensions: 340 x 255 x 46mm
  • weight: 2kg (depending on module configuration)
  • mounting: 1U industry wallmountable chassis with optional 19" brackets
  • Environment:
  • storage temperature: -20° – 70°C
  • operating temperature: 0° – 40°C
  • humidity: 20% - 90%, non-condensing