Tweet. Post. Chat. Text. Email. On and on. It’s fantastic to have so much choice. When the stakes are high, though, nothing replaces talking. Sometimes, you need to simply pick up the phone.

Most of us “talk” more by text than by speaking. It’s the way life is, and it’s good. But when issues get complex, when nuance is more valuable than facts, or when we need an answer now—when we reach for an escalation tool—it’s hard to replace the dynamics of the human voice. Unify Desktop Phones deliver voice as a high-definition, immersive experience. Unify Desktop Phones are designed to get out of the way, to remove distractions.


Siemens Desktop Phones


OpenStage 60

Designed for power users, with crystal-clear HD voice, a vivid LCD display and a wide range of features.

OpenStage 60 is available for TDM, HFA* and SIP environments

OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G

An innovative premium device especially designed to meet the needs of senior managers and executives. Premium features, materials and components are combined in an extraordinary design.

OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G is designed for SIP environments.

OpenStage 40

A great match for desk sharers, team workers and call center staff, thanks to its large display and customizability.

OpenStage 40 is available for TDM, HFA* and SIP environments.

OpenStage 40 US is designed specifically for the US market.

OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G / 35G Eco

A modern, ergonomic design with headphone jack and notably small footprint, makes this the ideal desk phone for knowledge workers and contact center agents.

New for 2015: The OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G Eco boasts a lower carbon footprint in both production and dramatically reduced energy consumption.

OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G / 35G Eco are available for SIP environments.

OpenStage 30

Ideal for specialists who frequently place outbound calls, OpenStage 30 features a large array of configurable function keys and expansion modules.

OpenStage 30 is available for TDM environments.

OpenStage 20

OpenScape 20’s tilt display and touchpad provide excellent ease of control for office professionals and is suited to a broad range of uses.

OpenStage 20 is available for TDM, HFA* and SIP environments.


OpenStage 15

Exceptional voice quality, extensive features, and two-line display make OpenStage 15 ideal for entry-level mass deployments.

OpenScape 15 is available for TDM, HFA* and SIP environments.


OpenStage 10

Our entry-level phone, delivering crystal-clear voice quality and elegant design.

OpenStage 10 is available for TDM environments.



Wireless Phones


Unlock the full potential of your mobile team.

Unify Siemens wireless phones are built for mobility in the real world.

They’re well constructed, feature-rich and fully integrated with your OpenScape Enterprise voice network. Some models are ruggedized for industrial applications. Depending on your specific needs, our wireless phones connect with your enterprise via your wireless LAN or DECT (phone base).

For your on-site anywhere worker. Unify wireless phones.


OpenStage WL3 VoWLAN family

This wireless device family delivers mobile on-campus communication over your WLAN infrastructure. The models come in three varieties with optional messaging, alarming and advanced administration capabilities.


OpenStage M3 DECT family

Mobile communications for industrial environments, delivering robust connectivity, improved safety and user productivity.


Gigaset S4 Professional

Designed for managers and executives, the Gigaset S4 professional is a DECT cordless telephone with a high-quality color display.


OpenStage SL4 Professional

The small and light OpenStage SL4 Professional also uses DECT.