Avaya communications solutions are designed to streamline communications and nourish customer relationships.

Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Full Size Collaboration for Midsize Companies


Avaya Aura Communication Manager provides core communications services that enable innovative unified communications and contact center solutions, making people more productive, customers more satisfied, and businesses more effective.

This next major release of Communication Manager is designed to simplify collaboration. In today’s fluid, fast-paced, business environment we are faced with growing demands for information access, the number of systems, networks, applications and devices we use on a daily basis. Avaya addresses this growing challenge through Avaya Aura™, the breakthrough real-time communications architecture using session based, collaboration technologies. The net result is an innovative and cost-effective multi-media communications infrastructure that integrates current and emerging investments in voice, video, real-time collaboration and more.



Next generation Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager a SIP-based, open communications platform. Avaya Aura session-based technology makes it easy to deploy collaboration applications to users anywhere in your organization. Avaya Aura multi-vendor interoperability connects to existing equipment, to networks used by mobile workers, and to people in other organizations. Avaya Aura users on-net calling to reduce trunking costs and enable global access and intelligent routing.

Enables the Virtual Enterprise with:

  • Robust voice and video call processing capabilities.
  • Advanced workforce productivity and mobility features.
  • Built-in conferencing and contact center applications.
  • Centralized voicemail and attendant operations across multiple locations.
  • Connectivity to a wide range of analog, digital, and IP-based communication devices.
  • Support for SIP, H.323 and many industry-standard communications protocols over a variety of different networks.
  • More than 700 powerful features in all.
  • High availability, reliability and survivability.


Key Customer Benefits:

  • Transparent server failover: If the primary server fails, the backup automatically takes over.
  • Redundant interfaces: Minimizes the impact of local network failures.
  • Geographically separated redundant servers: Provides redundancy across the IP telephony solution.
  • Branch office survivability: Keeps branch offices and remote locations connected to the main data center.
  • Voice quality monitoring and management: Checks for network conditions that adversely affect voice quality and automatically applies corrective action.
  • Secure by Design: Avaya Aura Communication Manager telephony servers are isolated from the rest of the enterprise network to safeguard them from viruses, worms, DoS and other attacks.
  • SIP architecture with centralized management and control: Gives businesses agility to take advantage of new capabilities, deploy new applications, and deliver new levels of customer service.
  • Simplify with virtualization: By hosting multiple Avaya Aura applications on a single server, Avaya helps simplify installation and administration. A pre-configured solution installs in about an hour. Pre-defined templates streamline desktop management and deployment.
  • Reduce costs: Avaya’s virtualized solution can reduce hardware by 75%. The smaller footprint uses 75% less power and cooling than traditional deployments, while SIP trunking helps lower telecom expenses by 20%-50%. Even with additional application servers for advanced applications, virtualization makes Avaya up to 16% less expensive per user compared to competitors.
  • Build productivity: Avaya delivers anytime, anywhere worker productivity by providing consistent Unified Communications capabilities to all users, regardless of their locations.


Avaya Aura Communication Manager is high-quality, high performance voice-application software with rich call processing capabilities, extensive mobility features, and contact center functions. It supports widely accepted application-programming interfaces that enable a range of Avaya and third-party applications. This software, designed to meet country-specific networking requirements, brings continuous communications and application innovation to your enterprise, whether local or global. It enables faster and easier deployment of communication capabilities such as voice, video, messaging and presence.

Designed Specifically for Small and Medium-sized Business

  • Flexibility
    Avaya Communication Manager is a core Avaya Business Communication Application, and helps support IP telephony solutions. It offers midsize to large enterprises greater flexibility. This software delivers applications over multi-protocol networks, so you can move to a converged network where and when it makes sense.
  • Scalability
    Supporting up to 18,000 IP Stations on one system, and up to 1 million users per network, Avaya Communication Manager delivers scalability to Avaya Servers and Gateways. It provides up to three times the intelligent call processing capability of the largest Avaya Server – up to 600,000 busy-hour call completions. You can scale up a single network to support a large headquarters location and scale down to the smallest remote office, cost effectively and reliably. This software supports a uniform dial plan of up to 13 digits.

Your network needs to be available 24/7, without compromise, to help drive your business results. To help meet that goal, Avaya Communication Manager brings decades of reliability and performance in software design into the world of IP telephony. Proactive remote monitoring and maintenance combined with built-in self-diagnostics and self-healing capabilities provide enterprises the highest levels of business continuity. In all, Avaya Communication Manager provides up to 99.999% reliability.



Avaya IP Office 9.0

A Platform for Growth

Full Size Collaboration for Midsize Companies



Avaya IP Office 9.0 is a simple, powerful collaboration solution for midsize companies offering increased scale, flexible deployment options, simplified management, and support for enterprise branch deployments.

Up to 2,000 Users and 32 Locations

Avaya IP Office 9.0 software easily and cost-effectively scales to 2,000 users (previously 1,000 users) at up to 32 locations. Providing a seamless collaboration experience for voice, video, and mobility, IP Office delivers exceptional value and low total cost of ownership.

Flexible Deployment Options

IP Office 9.0 adds virtualized software as an option, enabling deployment on a customer-supplied server running VMware vSphere 4.x or 5.x software. Virtualized IP Office software is packaged in a single OVA format that can be ignited as a primary, secondary, expansion, Avaya one-X® Portal, or applications server. IP Office software can now run inside a virtual machine, on a dedicated server, an appliance, or a combination of these, adding flexibility while enabling customers to match the deployment method to their infrastructure plans and objectives.

Features and Benefits

  • Scale Flexibly to Meet the Needs of Your Business
    IP Office scales simply to 2,000 users. Run IP Office inside a virtual machine, on a dedicated server, on an Avaya appliance, or in a mix of these options.
  • Build a Complete Midmarket Collaboration Solution
    Combine Avaya IP Office with Avaya networking, security, video, and services for a complete, integrated solution.
  • Lower Your Collaboration TCO
    Realize ongoing savings and lower TCO with a smaller initial investment, reduced maintenance, and decreased power consumption.

Reasons for you to GROW with IP Office 9.0.

  • Easily and cost-effectively scales to 2000 users
  • Can be offered as software for virtualized platforms, proving its flexibility
  • Has simplified management
  • Supports multi-branch office deployment
  • Enables delivery of a complete collaboration solution
  • Helps to build stronger teams as the workforce is more distributed
  • Makes it easy to add network connectivity and power
  • Improves security of SIP Communications* (*with Avaya Session Border Controller)
  • Lowers TCO with a well-integrated collaboration solution from a single vendor!