Vega Media Gateways qualified and tested for use with Microsoft Lync allow Lync to reliably and securely connect to PSTN trunks and legacy PBXs.

The award-winning Vega series is the most resilient and fault tolerant gateways in their class. Get connected. Stay connected.

Implementing a Vega Gateway is an ideal addition to your business continuity plans.

In spite of external network failures, you can stay connected with a Vega Gateway. It has industry leading resiliency and fault tolerance built right in.

  • Enterprises take advantage of wide ranging benefits of next generation VoIP technology, like reduced telephony charges and keep transition costs down by seamlessly integrating existing premise equipment with a Vega gateway from Sangoma.
  • Service Providers Sangoma Vega gateways help you introduce new products and revenue streams and reduce your costs.
Qualified and Tested for MS Lync:
Vega Gateways Help You Stay Connected

Lync Qualified and Tested IP-to-TDM stand-alone gateway devices from Sangoma effectively bridge disparate technologies easily and cost-effectively.




 Vega 400G Digital Gateway

 Vega 200G Digital Gateway

 Vega 100G Digital Gateway

 The Vega 400G VoIP Gateway is a flexible, field upgradable multi-span

digital gateway that can be deployed in single, dual or quad span configurations.

It is the most resilient flexible digital gateway in its price class.

Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.

 The Vega 200G VoIP Gateway is the most fault-tolerant dual-span digital gateway in its class.

Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.

 The Vega 100G VoIP Gateway is the most resilient single-span digital gateway in its class.

Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested