If you’re in the market to expand your Phone system with Radio technology, IPGate Radio solution is the best choice for you.

IPGate Radio solution is designed to support radio device network function so that users can maintain existing radio device network system and enjoy VoIP/Phone system merits.

The main advantage of this solution is designed on the basis of IP network to support 1:1 and group call service in any place at any network (Radio/VoIP).

IPGate Radio solution allows saving communication cost with Radio/VoIP technology.






System Architecture



IPGate Radio solutions is a software application based on Asterisk installed on a server which connects two-way radios to the world of telephony. The server interfaces to the radio system using radio control stations (mobile radios).
It was designed to connect to IP and analog corporate phone systems (PBXs), public telephone lines (PSTN lines), Internet Telephony Service Providers as well as GSM cellular networks.


What type of radios are compatible with IPGate Radio solution?

IPGate Radio solutionis  is compatible with all digital display portables and mobiles in the following radio network modes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus


What type of telephony integration is possible with IPGate Radio solution?

  • IP PBXs (SIP Compatible) – Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, and more
  • Analog PBXs
  • PSTN / POTS Lines
  • Internet Telephony Service Providers
  • Cellular GSM Networks

Key Features


● Call Forward
● Call Hold
● Call Transfer
● Dial Plan
● Caller ID
● Do not disturb mode
● Auto answer mode
● Call recording
● Multi-site roaming



Enhanced Features

 ● Open Standard VoIP Protocols (IETF SIP V2)
 ● Two 10/100 Ethernet for WAN / LAN connections
 ● Supply dynamic DNS service
 ● Speech quality ensured by QoS at the Ethernet and IP layers and comprehensive jitter buffer
 ● Line Echo Cancellation
 ● VLAN and QoS support
 ● NAT Transversal and Router functions
 ● Highly stable embedded Linux operating system in high performance.
 ● Dynamic selection of codec
 ● Advanced jitter buffer
 ● Automatic traversal of NAT and firewall
 ● VLAN / Qos
 ● Router
 ● Echo cancellation for Speakerphone
 ● Comfort noise generation (CNG)
 ● Voice activity detection (VAD)
 ● Auto provisioning (requires auto provisioning server
 ● Support DDNS
 ● Support ulaw alaw g.729 g723
 ● Peer to Peer provided

Radio device support

● IC-2720H
● GM300
● GP380/338/328
● IC-v8
● Kenwood's series