What is Microsoft Lync?


Microsoft Lync 2013 delivers streamlined communications for the users in your business, so they can find and communicate with the right person, right now. Work across different locations and time zones using a variety of communication methods such as instant messaging, conferencing, and enterprise voice. Microsoft unified communications can also help organizations reduce the operating costs of travel, telecom and IT, while allowing them to improve their business outcomes in a sustainable way

Key features and benefits

  • Federation with the likes of Skype & other collaboration suites
  • Conferencing
  • Mobility
  • Powerful presence engine

The Lync feature set includes:

  • Presence engine
  • Audio, video and web conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Enterprise grade telephony
  • Voicemail
  • Persistent chat
  • Office application integration

What is new in Lync 2013

Multiparty HD video and content sharing

Lync 2013 showcases advances in video and visual communications. “I see what you mean” takes on an entirely different meaning when colleagues and customers from down the hall, across town or around the globe can see each other’s gestures while hearing their tone - when working together in a Lync Meeting.

Modern, mobile and web clients

This latest release of Lync further delivers on the promise of “access anywhere”, ensuring that Lync is available anywhere a user has access to Windows 8 PC or tablet, mobile device or browser. Modern, mobile and web client investmentsallow Lync to be where the users are, putting people at the center of communications and collaboration. And yet, with the diversity of platform, form factor and device support – the experience is familiar and engaging.

Enterprise voice

Enterprise grade voice has matured in Lync 2013, offering reliability and good quality voice. As a core component within the suite of Lync features and functionality, the power of Lync as a communications tool is now complete, and if it wasn’t already, it is now a very serious alternative to traditional voice platforms.

Federation with Skype

The federation capabilities of Lync already provide organisations with a powerful way of communicating with trusted external bodies. However, Federation with Skype unlocks the potential to bring all of these investments mentioned, and the rich communication and collaborations scenarios they enable - to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Social and integrated

Lync was built from the ground up to deliver identity-based communications– pivoting on a user’s identity rather than the old paradigm of using phone numbers as a proxy for a person. Lync Integration across Office apps enables “one-click” communications directly from within the productivity applications used by Information Workers everyday. Lync is integrated into Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote and other Microsoft applications, users do not have to leave their current application when they need to reach out to others. Lync breaks down solution silos and application boundaries making communication and collaboration natural and less complex.

UC & Lync

The growing influence of UC in business

Unified Communications is a frequently used - and sometimes over-used - term, meaning a variety of different things to different people. Ask 5 different UC vendors to define it, and you’ll receive 5 completely different responses.

The definition of UC is not necessarily important, though - it’s the principles and how they are applied that really matter. Put simply, UC is about bringing together different communication modalities to create a more productive way of working by improving business processes.

Although the UC toolset can be complex, at Modality Systems, we subscribe to a very simple view of the overall solution. The simple question we ask is ‘what can UC do to help your organization?’ From there, we collaboratively create a roadmap to help the organization successfully realize its UC goals.


So why Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft’s experience in creating user-centric software makes it possible to create a versatile and flexible software solution, which puts the user in control.

Unlike other UC solutions that claim to offer an open, flexible, and unified approach, Microsoft Lync is the only solution that can truly deliver on that promise. Lync doesn’t carry any of the proprietary features or constraints of other solutions, allowing its rich features and open API’s to comprise an intelligent solution that continues to evolve.

In its native form, Lync offers a tightly integrated suite of communication modalities, including voice, video, IM and email. Together, these functionalities offer a comprehensive user experience with enhanced conferencing and real-time document sharing capabilities. In addition, with the acquisition of Skype, Microsoft is evolving Lync beyond the traditional business boundaries, and enabling business to integrate a social enterprise approach.








What we do?

IPGate helps clients put in place effective communication channels between people and organizations—regardless of medium, platform, device, or location. The Microsoft Lync platform brings IM, presence, conferencing, and voice together in one platform that fully integrates with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Lync Consulting Services

  • Architecture and planning – Implement a plan for successful voice roll-out at scale, factoring in user readiness, business unit readiness, and operational readiness.
  • Business process integration – Customize Microsoft Lync Server to meet your unique needs and integrate your preexisting business processes.
  • Enterprise voice – Span the divide between computers and telephones, integrate with your company’s existing phone system and deliver complete communications services using your existing data network.
  • Legacy PBX integration – Maximize your existing infrastructure by integrating legacy PBX systems through a VoIP/PBX gateway.
  • Cisco to Microsoft Lync migration – Seamlessly migrate from Cisco to Microsoft Lync Server with the experience to make the right business and technical strategic choices for your environment.
  • Deployment and operations – Assistance deploying Microsoft Lync Server & Voice, ensuring quality and integration with your operational environment.